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Welcome to our crazy frenchie world!

To my new, present and past parents: We here at Ironhead Run, want to celebrate with you our love, passion, and joy that our frenchies bring to our family. There is NO other breed of dog that we love more than our frenchies. They are so full of different moods, that it like having 20 different attitudes, kookiness rolled all into one crazy medium sized ball of energy. One never knows what personality that you are getting at the start of the day, but as we say here in Oklahoma, “if you don’t like the mood, just give it a few minutes, a different frenchie will pop out”.  Their moods run from “I’m the only diva in this house, to look at me; “I am your whole world and nothing else matters!”  Frenchies will keep you in stitches and offer you hours of free entertainment!   Our frenchies are a part of our life, they will always be in our life, and in our heart. Our frenchies keep us grounded and when we become too stressed out; we unplug everything and just hang out with them, since our babies have a great way of restoring normalcy and help remind us that life can be simple and full of joy. 

We are so pleased to be adding our children and their frenchies to our site also.  Our family goal is to find homes for our new babies at a lower price without sacrificing the quality we have ALWAYS had when it comes to our frenchies and their babies.  We want to be able to spread our love of frenchies to others who enjoy them as much as we do.  Please take a look at our babies, which still includes free flights for our babies. We will try to book all of our flights on Saturday and book as soon as we get a deposit on your new best friend. We can provide you with many wonderful references, from our past parents who love their babies and to tell stories about the love of their life.  

Once a baby has a deposit on them, they will be removed from our website. We are NOT a kennel, we are hobby breeders, our Frenchies' do not spend their days in a kennel run nor are they caged in a pen. They have the freedom to roam our land and our homes. They play, and eat all together; we believe that this makes them more of a family.  Our focus is to provide a quality companion Frenchie you will love as a member of your family, as that is how we love our frenchies'.

Puppies are raised in our home and given the best of care. With the daily interaction our puppies have our other Frenchies' they are very socialized , very spoiled, and ready to go from our home to yours. It does take a village to raise a puppy.


 Please read our weather page for flying and ground shipping.

In some cases, personal delivery can be arranged as well.We will drive up to 50 miles for free when you buy a baby with full akc.

 Payment is preferred by paypal, cashiers check, wal-mart gram, or US Postal money order. Puppies MUST be paid in full at least a week before shipping.



When using Pay Pal please add  4.0 % - pay pal fees to the amount you are paying.



Our puppies come with a one year health guarantee that covers all congenital defects. They also come with a certificate of health from a veterinarian, and are current with their shots and worming.

Please feel free to contract us:



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 The best time to call is after 7 P.M. Mon- Fri

All day Sat. & Sun.

Please leave a message- We will get back to you!